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About the series

This annual training series is named in memory of Colin RF Craig. Colin was a native of Bozeman and grew up to love skiing and especially bicycling. This love, combined with a selfless, giving nature, led Colin to be one of the greatest supporters of all things cycling in the Gallatin Valley and beyond. We are excited to honor him with this series, while supporting the Colin Craig scholarship fund.

These events happen every Tuesday night from April to August and rotate between circuit events, criteriums, road events, and time trials. See the schedule page for dates, locations, and start times. The series is offered for riders to train and improve. Many use it to build strength and endurance, while others use the opportunity to learn to better ride in a group setting. Everyone is welcome to join in the events regardless of event experience (please review the rules/regulations page), but be prepared for fast-paced, friendly competition! Though the events can be highly competitive, the emphasis should always be on training to get better.

How can I join in the fun?
  • Fill out the GVBC online membership form here, which includes a link for CCMS signup.
  • Pay the fees online if possible, otherwise mail a check to GVBC
  • Sign up for volunteer slots on the volunteer page
  • Fill out a waiver form and bring it to the event
  • Participants are also required to have a USA Cycling membership ($70, www.usacycling.org), or will have to purchase a $10 day license at each event. The one day license form is available for pre-event printing from the Print Forms button on the bottom of the main CCMS page.
That's it! See you at the series.

CCMS Rules & Regulations

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Volunteer Information and Sign-up

Volunteers are at the core of this series. For this reason, we encourage everyone to get involved in volunteering, especially newcomers. Volunteering is also a great way to get to know the details behind a bike race, and an opportunity to meet and talk with fellow racers and series veterans.

We have a few series rules for volunteering:
-Volunteer signups are now open!
-Riders will need to sign up for 2 volunteer slots just as in the past
-Out of your 2 volunteer slots, please sign up for one RR if there is one still needed.
-Volunteers may NOT have someone else fulfill their volunteer duties AND ride during the same event
-Volunteers are REQUIRED to show up 45 minutes before event time.
-Volunteers are required to drive to the event venue.
-The photo position is not a required position, so please fill that spot last. The other positions are REQUIRED in order for the event to begin.
-The season will not begin until the schedule has been filled.

Any rider is welcome to fill any position. For coordinators we have a helpful walkthrough below. Print it out and bring it with you to the race as a reference. The other volunteer positions are described in the second document below.

Coordinator Job Description

All Volunteer Descriptions

Now that you know what's going on, grab a slot!
Red Indicates a spot that needs to be covered by a volunteer

2017 CCMS Event Schedule

Number Name Date Start Times Course Map Directions
1 Norris Road Race - 1 lap April 11 6:00
2 Norris Road Race - 1 lap April 18 6:00
3 TT Penwell 20k April 25 6:00
4 Jackson Creek Circuit Race May 02 6:30
5 TT Penwell 20k May 04 6:30
6 Bridger Canyon: 6 mile to Bohart May 09 6:30
7 TT: Mercx Style Penwell Bridge Rd 20k May 16 6:30
8 Crit Clinic - Jeff Wyatt May 18 6:30
9 Crit: Clinic May 23 6:30
10 Springhill Gravel Grinder May 30 6:30
11 TT Penwell 20k June 01 6:30
12 TT: Hyalite Canyon June 06 6:30
13 Norris Road Race - 2 lap June 13 6:00
14 TT Penwell 20k June 15 6:30
15 Bridger Canyon: 6 mile - BR - 6 mile June 20 6:30
16 Jackson Creek Road Race June 27 6:30
17 Mountain Bike Race: Bohart Ranch June 29 6:30
18 TT Penwell 20k July 06 6:30
19 Amsterdam Circuit - 4 Laps July 11 6:30
20 Crit: Bobcat Stadium July 13 6:30
21 ITT: Springhill/Penwell - 40k July 18 6:30
22 Bridger Canyon RR: Jackson to Sedan to B July 25 6:30
23 Mountain Bike Race: Bohart Ranch July 27 6:30
24 Crit: Bobcat Stadium August 01 6:30
25 Springhill Gravel Grinder August 08 6:30
26 Mountain Bike Race: Bohart Ranch August 10 6:30
27 Jackson Stubler August 15 6:30
28 Gallatin Gateway - 20k TT August 22 6:30
29 Mountain Bike Race: Bohart Ranch August 24 6:30
30 Amsterdam Circuit - 4 Laps August 29 6:30
31 TTT Penwell 40k September 05 6:30
32 Mountain Bike Race: Bohart Ranch September 07 6:30
33 Lewis and Clark Loop - Group Ride September 10 12:00
Aug 22: Gallatin Gateway - 20k TT
1. Betsy Cordes
1. Bob Des Enfants
2. John Barton
1. Al Pendergrass
2. Maxwell Yanoff
3. Tom Greason
4. Clem Fleming
5. Patrick Wessel
Under construction

Event Director Contact Information

Alexandre Lussier is the Point of Contact for the event directors for the entirety of the 2016 season and may be contacted for any questions or comments about the training series.

Alexandre Lussier
GAS/Intrinsik Cycling

Betsy Cordes
Bozeman Masters Velo

Any checks or other correspondence concerning the Colin Craig Memorial Series can be sent via mail to:
Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club
P. O. Box 6425
Bozeman, MT 59771


Print event forms

USAC Release Form

One Day License + Release Form

Volunteer Release Form